Noise and Thermal Insulation of Vertical Structures

The horizontal structure is made up of several parts: the floating floor, the screed, any system flushing layer and the final floor. The resilient layer is composed of the elastic layer found in the structure. The soundproofing of the structure is based on the mass-spring-mass effect. As a result, the acoustic material should have such characteristics as to allow it to work within the structure. Basically, two main physical characteristics should be emphasized: dynamic stiffness and compressive strengh. The combination of the two characteristics of the elastodynamic layer will make it possible for the system to work: the whole structure - accurately designed and correctly built - will allow noise performance to be achieved.

Renovation Jobs
The acoustic and thermal restoration of boundary walls between property units or facades can be achieved by building a plasterboard false wall on a metal frame, insulated with Perfetto.

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