Restoring and Updating Machine Foundations

Over one-third of all power plants world-wide are more than 30 years old. In many cases it becomes necessary for various reasons to modify these plants, by replacing some of the power plant equipment, which has become obsolete or is worn out over the years. The same applies to contaminated machine foundations.

In this context GERB has developed a new area of activity, restoration and modernisation of machine foundations.

It is our goal to offer to our customers the optimal solution regarding time of construction and costs, therefore our engineers will investigate the following options beforehand:
- making use of the existing machine foundation without any major changes by recalculating the foundation, on the basis of the most modern calculation methods and our long-term experience in the field of designing elastic support systems
- Re-design of the foundation by installing spring elements and splitting the foundation into the original foundation and the newly built section
- In case of contaminated foundations it will be done in the same way as under item 2 - splitting the same into an existing non-contaminated part and a newly built section

GERB offers the restoration and updating of machine foundations on turn-key basis.
In case of turbine foundations the following solutions are to be emphasized:
- the existing machine deck will be removed, and a new deck can be set elastically onto the existing columns. (Fig.1)
- A new machine deck (in most cases a steel frame) will be set elastically onto the existing deck. (Fig.2)

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

On request GERB will also co-ordinate with your equipment suppliers to insure that your systems are secure and reliable as well as supervise the construction work.

Our Customers’ benefits:
- More than 90 years of experience in designing of machine foundations,
- Alternative proposals to insure the most cost effective use of plant space and construction time,
- One stop shopping for all your civil engineering needs – planning, engineering, construction and start-up,
- Saving space, time and costs for the re-design of the foundation

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