Shakers up to 400 N
Shakers are designed for reproduce dynamic loads in machines and devices which occur in real applications. Shakers can be mobile or stationary. Typical applications is: structural analysis (modal analysis – EMA, operational deflection shape analysis - ODSA), vibration resistance tests, calibration of vibration transducers. Simple construction of shakers ensure their long durability. Electrodynamic shakers have high stiffness in vertical and horizontal direction. Shakers are used on production lines, in quality control laboratories and in laboratories at universities. With shakers in combination with vibration control system like PUMA you can make vibration tests according to the international norms (PN, DIN, ISO, BS, MIL, IEC).

Shakers from 1 kN to 2,7 kN
Shakers are used for vibration excitation during vibration durability tests in all applications. They are designed for long-term tests and have high stiffness in vertical and horizontal directions. Electrodynamic shakers are placed on a base which make possible adjusting of the angle position of the shaker. Base stands on vibration isoltation elements. For this reason, vibration transmission to place where shaker is standing will be reduced and additional foundation isn’t necessary. Control system like PUMA or JAGUAR with shaker give you complete measurement system for dynamic analysis which ensure the requirements of quality tests according to international norms (PN, DIN, ISO, BS, MIL, IEC, ASTM).

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