Sound Scanner P12

The Sound Scanner P12 has been specially developed for localizing sound events with high-frequency content in the audible as well as ultrasound domain. Its usable frequency range up to 44kHz makes it ideal for leakage testing of car cabins, containers and white goods as well as localization of gas leaks in compressed air systems and partial discharge in high voltage insulators. The Sound Scanner P12 is equipped with 8 ultrasound microphones scanning the incident sound field on a circular disk with a diameter of 12cm at virtually more than 400 microphone positions, thus making it the acoustic camera with the highest microphone density in the market. The high density of information on the sound field is the key to the computation of acoustic images with a superior dynamic range, thus boosting the user’s confidence when analyzing sound events at a low sound pressure level from a long distance. Weighing in at 700 grams only, the Sound Scanner P12 is by far the lightest, most ergonomic acoustic camera on the market and supports one-handed manipulation in confined spaces.



Diameter of scan area 12 cm
Weight (excl. sensor mount and tripod) 200 g
Rotation frequency (min/typ/max) 0,2/2/5 revolutions/second
Number of microphones 8
Battery life (fully charged) 6 hours


Frequency range 2,8 kHz - 44 kHz
Spatial resolution at 5 kHz (3 dB dynamic range) 28 °
Dynamic range > 13 dB
Computed images per revolution up to 6
Measuring distance > 0,5 m 


Sample frequency 89 kHz
Resolution 24 bit
Frequency range 20 Hz - 160 kHz
Sensitivity tolerance +/- 1 dB
Maximum measurable sound pressure level 132 dB
Absolute maximum sound pressure level N/A


Audio Real time display of time signal, sound pressure level in dB(A), frequency spectrum and spectrogram
  Stream/Pause mode
  Selection of time/frequency intervals and audio playback of the filtered signal
Acoustic image/video Selection of frequency band
  Playback of filtered audio
  Single frame or time averaged frames
  Video playback
Data management Automated pdf report generation of single acoustic image or timed averaged images including meta data (time, location, notes, etc.), time signal, spectrum and spectrogram

Export and import of measurements in zip format via installed file sharing apps (e.g. Google Drive)


Operating temperature -10 °C - 60 °C
Relative humidity 45 % - 85 %


Operating system Android OS version 10.0 or higher

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