Texture can be tailored to your specific aesthetic project requirements, as:
- smooth plaster finish
- grainy structure

Sonacoustic absorbs sound energy instead of reflecting it, thereby reducing reverberation time and noise, making speech and music more intelligible. Sonacoustic creates a pleasant acoustical environment, where sound will not become a disturbing noise.

Sonacoustic is available in any chosen color. The product is colored in the mass.

Sonacoustic can be directly applied to any substrate, be it wood gypsum board, concrete, glass or any other usual construction surface. Sonacoustic is applied in thicknesses from approx. 8 mm until 25 mm, depending on the acoustical requirements of the project. Sonacoustic has an excellent fire rating.

There are several types of the product:

  • Power Acoustics
  • Sonacoustic CL
  • Sonacoustic PL
  • Sonacoustic ML

These materials are available only in white color but they can be painted to any color.

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