Pipework Dampers

Piping systems in power - or chemical plants are complex dynamic structures. Vibrations are often the reason for failures and damages. They may be generated inside these systems during normal operation by numerous sources, such as, hydrodynamic forces or pressure pulses when valves are opened or closed. Connected machinery, like pumps and turbines, may also transmit vibrations. Excitation may also come through the supporting structure from external sources, for example, in emergency cases such as earthquakes and explosions. In these cases, the results may be excessive displacements and stresses, which can damage the piping system. Even operational vibrations with very small amplitudes may lead to material fatigue and endurance failure.

Based on decades of experience in design and application of VISCODAMPERS® for vibration control of machinery and other industrial equipment, GERB has developed Pipework dampers for the protection of piping systems. These Pipework dampers provide a number of advantages compared to other dynamic restraints:
- Reduction of operational as well as shock induced vibrations in all degrees of freedom.
- Immediate reaction to vibrations without delay or time lag.
- Velocity proportional characteristics: High forces to counteract shock loads. Low forces in case of low motions, for example, thermal expansion.
- Simple in design and handling. There are no parts subject to wear and tear. They are maintenance free and have a nearly unlimited lifetime.
- Normally Pipework dampers accommodate motions of 40 mm in vertical and horizontal direction. Dampers for larger displacements are available.


Vibration dampers for pipelines in Łagisza power plant in Będzin.

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