Single-Exciter Closed Loop Shaker Control

JAGUAR - Vibration Control
- Up to 98 control channels
- Over 500 response channels
- Full suite of closed loop vibration control applications

Multi-Exciter Closed Loop Shaker Control

JAGUAR - Shaker Control
- Hardware optimized for multiple degree of freedom control testing
- True Gaussian random control using Spectral Dynamics patented adaptive control
- True swept sine control with digital tracking filters
- Transient control for SRS and seismic testing
- Real-time waveform replication control

Data Acquisition/Analysis

JAGUAR - Data Acquisition and Analysis
- 8 to over 500 input channels with ICP coupling
- Dedicated throughput disks
- Comprehensive signal analysis capabilities

PC-based Analysis Software

STARModal - Complete Windows 98/2000/XP (STAR6 does not support Windows NT) structural dynamics analysis package
- Modal analysis, including advanced curve fitting
- Time Domain Analysis
- Operating Deflection Shapes
- Structural Dynamics Modification
- Forced Response Simulation

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