Building Isolation

GERB Vibration Control Systems for Buildings, Floating Floors, and Room-within-a-Room Structures

The impact of ground or structure-borne vibration on people or sensitive equipment in buildings can be considerably reduced by dynamically decoupling either the vibration source or the recipient from the surroundings. For both variants, GERB spring elements provide highly effective and reliable solutions. Due to their high elasticity, they significantly reduce the structural response levels in buildings, usually below the threshold of human perception. Typical examples of buildings that have been successfully protected from mechanical or audible vibration by GERB include theatres, cinemas, concert halls, studios, a hospital, hotels, and, last but not least, residential and office buildings. GERB spring elements are usually located in the basement, where they are arranged on the top of sub-foundation walls or columns. They typically support the entire building or building parts that are sensitive to vibration.

GERB has been playing a leading roll in the reduction of noise and vibration transmission for about 100 years. GERB vibration control systems feature coil springs made of steel. Highly flexible steel springs provide low system natural frequencies of 2.5 to 5 Hz resulting in the highest possible level of vibration attenuation over the entire range of mechanical and audible excitation frequencies. Insertion loss values up to 35 dB can be expected.

GERB offers a large variety of coil spring elements of different elasticities, sizes, load capacities, and functional installation features for buildings, floating floors, and room-within-a-room structures. The advantages include:
- high elasticity
- readjustibility
- high load capacities
- damping
- jack-up technology
- linear load-deflection curve
- no difference in static and dynamic stiffness
- clearly defined vertical and horizontal spring rates
- no maintenance
- longevity

GERB building spring elements are designed to a large loading range. Starting at just a couple of kN the load capacity increases gradually up to 2,200 kN. The fine load gradation as well as the readjustibility ensure the perfect function of the GERB systems as planned.
GERB offers the following services:
- Consultation to clients, acoustic and structural consultants, architects, contractors
- Layout of the vibration protection system
- Preparation of calculations and drawings
- Design, manufacture and delivery of spring elements and accessories
- Full installation or installation supervision
- Commissioning and inspections Documentation

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