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Wibro-Akustyka company is grounded in year 2000. Our main activity is applying of innovative and effective solutions for reduction of noise and vibration in public and industrial rooms and in the machinery. There are following main activity areas of company Wibro-Akustyka WAF:

1. Noise reduction in rooms.
Noise reduction in the civil and industry buildings with the cellulose based material SonaSpray (ICC – International Cellulose Corporation). The SonaSpray technology is used for the reduction of the reverberation time in the rooms as well as for the overall noise reduction in the buildings like: sport halls, swimming pools, convention and congress centers, concert halls, cinemas, theatres, office rooms, underground garages, technical and factory rooms, etc. The cellulose material with a special glue material is sprayed on ceilings and walls and is very effective regarding the noise absorption and is competitive concerning the price in comparison with other sound absorption materials. We perform projects in the area of room acoustics and evaluations regarding acoustics requirements. We offer also sound isolation materials.

2. Vibration isolation of machinery and of the buildings.
For the vibration control in machinery the company offers spring based vibration isolation systems (GERB) and rubber supporting elements. The spring elements are advantage especially for heavy machines and in the lower frequency range. The WAF company has experiences in using of vibration isolation systems of railway trackbed isolation, vibration isolation of buildings, bridges and hanging bridges for pedestrians.

3. Noise sources identification
The exact determination of noise sources which cannot be perceived by our senses alone is one of the decisive success factors for product development. What noise is disturbing, where does it come from and, more important, how can it be quickly and effectively rectified? Examination methods used so far such as sound intensity measurement are time-consuming and costintensive.

4. Systems for vibration measurements and vibration control.
In the offer there are Windows based programs for Modal Analysis - STARModal, STARStruct and STARAcoustic for noise measurements using the sound intensity method from Spectral Dynamics Corp. The STARStruct System has the ability to perform The Operational Deflection Shape Analysis and introducing of structural modifications in the dynamical systems. For the vibration measurements and control we offer multi channel systems like PUMA, JAGUAR, COUGAR on the Windows basis. We offer complette solutions with shakers for investigations of vibration durability of machines and equipment and have a lot of references in the automotive industry.

5. Noise reduction in machines.
We perform the noise investigations and analysis to establish the main noise sources in the machines using the sound intensity method and vibration analysis (Modal Analysis EMA, Operational Deflection Shape Analysis ODSA). Based on these investigations we propose the design changes or capsulations of main noise sources in the machines.

6. Environmental noise control.
We perform evaluations of environmental noise (opinions, studies for environmental noise control). We offer also industrial and road acoustic screens.

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